Treat for animals

Good choice, those mealworms. They are extremely nutritious. Mealworms contain no less than 50% protein and are packed with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants. A nutritious meal for birds, turtles and insect-eating reptiles. Another advantage: mealworms are produced more sustainably. For example, much less feed is needed for this protein hit than for meat. Good choice!

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We’re paving a good, solid path to a happy planet Quality and continuity are what we stand for. That is why you can count on a continuous flow of high-quality mealworms. Always delivered to your DIY store on time.

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Hoge kwaliteit meelwormen voor voedelselindustrie, boeren & retail Wormm

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    At Wormm we promote
    a sustainable world

    That is why we’re putting mealworms on the map. Insects are the green answer to the polluting meat industry. They contain a higher protein content than meat but are much less harmful to the environment. Did you know, for example, that 1 kilo of insects requires 2 kilos of feed and 1 kilo of cow requires no less than 25 (!) kilos of feed? What a difference!

    People and animals cannot live without protein, but they can live without meat. With mealworms. We supply them to various industries. Will you give them a try?

    USP Literswater Wormm

    Save hundreds of litres of water

    USP Supply Wormm

    More protein, less pollution

    USP Energy Wormm

    Energy-efficient production

    USP Plant Wormm

    Packaged in recycled paper and plastic

    Why mealworms?

    Mealworms are the new source of protein. You don’t have to eat meat to get your share of protein. Mealworms are packed with protein and are super healthy. Not only for humans, but also for animals. In addition, mealworms make the world a little happier, as they are extremely sustainable.

    Hoe lang zijn meelwormen houdbaar?

    Natte (levende) meelwormen zijn vier weken houdbaar. Gedroogde meelwormen gaan nog veel langer mee. Deze kun je wel zes maanden bewaren.

    Wat voor voer krijgen meelwormen?

    De maaltijd van onze meelwormen is eenvoudig maar gezond, ze eten wortels!

    Hoe worden de meelwormen gekweekt?

    De meelwormen van Wormm worden duurzaam gekweekt in ongeveer twaalf weken. Het proces bestaat uit vier stappen die we bij onze werkwijze uitleggen.

    Wat zijn meelwormen?

    Meelwormen zijn eigenlijk de larves van een meeltor. Net voor de coconfase zijn ze eetbaar en kun je ze zelf eten of geven aan je (huis)dieren.

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