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For the consumer

How do I use mealworm manure?

Mealworm manure is 100% organic plant food. Use it on your lawn, in the garden or on your vegetable patch.

Which animals eat mealworms?

Both humans and animals enjoy a portion of mealworms. You can feed them to: birds, insectivorous reptiles, livestock, birds and turtles

What do mealworms taste like?

Mealworms taste a little nutty. The taste is similar to that of almonds and cashew nuts.

Why should I eat mealworms?

Mealworms are extremely healthy. They are 50% protein and also contain iron, potassium, sodium, zinc, minerals and vitamins A, B2 and D. This high protein content makes them an extremely good meat substitute. By replacing your meatball with a portion of mealworms, you will help make the planet a happier place. Mealworms are extremely sustainable. Compared to meat, they require less feed and agricultural land to grow, and produce far fewer CO2 emissions.