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General questions

What is the best way to store mealworms?

Store them in a cool room at around 10 degrees Celsius and they will last a long time.

How do I use mealworm manure?

Mealworm manure is 100% organic plant food. Use it on your lawn, in the garden or on your vegetable patch.

Which animals eat mealworms?

Both humans and animals enjoy a portion of mealworms. You can feed them to: birds, insectivorous reptiles, livestock, birds and turtles

How do I use wet (live) mealworms?

Wet mealworms are live mealworms. You can use them as live bait for fishing, for example. Birds, ducks, chickens and insect-eating reptiles love them.

How long can I keep my mealworms?

Wet (live) mealworms can be kept for four weeks. Dried mealworms last much longer. These can be kept for up to six months.

What do mealworms eat?

Our mealworms' diet is simple but healthy - they eat carrots!

How are mealworms grown?

Wormm's mealworms are sustainably farmed for about twelve weeks. The process consists of four steps, which we will explain in our working method.

What are mealworms?

Mealworms are actually the larvae of a mealybug. They are edible just before the cocoon phase - you can eat them yourself or give them to your pets.

How can I return an order?

You cannot return your order.

How can I pay?

You can pay via iDeal and credit card.

What are the shipping costs?

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